Thiago receives his first stripe

Thiago receives his first stripe

Product Manager currently residing in Alpharetta, GA by way of Porto Alegre, Brazil, with 9 months experience in BJJ

Q: What got you interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

A: The most exciting thing about BJJ is that its complexity requires lots of study and practice, and instead of strength it requires mindfulness. It is logical and full of alternatives, just like playing chess with your own body. When I found out that Master Murgel was teaching BJJ here in Georgia, I wanted to train with him because  he was the one who brought BJJ to my hometown in Brazil. With that in mind, besides learning a great martial art, I can feel closer to my hometown standing besides a true legend in BJJ like Master Murgel. 

Q: What is one positive impact BJJ has had on your life?

A: BJJ "forced me" to pay more attention to breathing and nutrition. You'll think twice before craving some junk food because it will put you in bad shape on the mat. It also affected my concentration in a positive way. It's a great and complete workout!

Q: Any other Martial Arts/Grappling/Wrestling Experience?

A: Judo and Kendo

Q: Why would you recommend Union Team BJJ? 

A: This team focuses on competition and, as such, has a very talented and strong team. Don't expect an easy training or spar. You will be brought to your limits and in the beginning it can be little overwhelming. Being in any other place would make me give up, but with the Union team I found excellent and patient training partners and a true family environment brought by Master Murgel. There's always a lot of respect and support. Regardless of winning or losing a spar, you will hear "good job" from your partner and reply the same way because both of you have learned something. This is what makes me always look forward to training. If you want to take BJJ seriously, this is your place.

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