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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids & Teens
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Parents are Concerned...

It can be tough to raise a child these days. Between the internet, social media, gaming and all the extracurricular activities, kids are more distracted and have more social pressure than ever before.

With all those distractions and stress, how do you beat the odds to raise a young man or woman who is confident, strong, and excited to succeed and take on the day? 

It’s never been more important to raise children that have the courage and strength to stand up for themselves and the confidence to lead others.

Jiu Jitsu Builds Character in Kids

In addition to self-defense and protection, jiu jitsu focuses on building discipline, respect, and teamwork in kids. Together, these traits build, develop, and strengthen your child’s character. 

Our classes are kept small so your child will receive individualized attention while working to improve their techniques. Classes are taught in a high energy, fun environment with an emphasis on physical fitness and discipline.


What Our Students & Parents Say


Is Jiu Jitsu Right for Your Child?

Our Young Warriors classes are fun and interactive and designed specifically for kids ages 8 and up! 

The focus of our program is to teach students how to protect themselves from bullying through the power of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! At Union Team BJJ, children learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu directly from the source, Grandmaster Ricardo Murgel, in a friendly and supporting environment.

During the class, students learn takedowns, takedown defense, and even submissions. At the end of class, students participate in a sparring session where they will grapple with each other and get the ability to apply the techniques they’ve learned.

By consistently practicing and implementing what is learned, we help kids build muscle memory. Through muscle memory, students will be able to defend themselves from bullies in real life situations without having to remember what they learned. 

Students are taught to use what they learn in each class for SELF DEFENSE PURPOSES ONLY and are taught to treat their peers with respect. Classes also focus on building integrity, character, and good morals in every student.

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