More than BJJ: A Real Grappling and Self Defense Center

When you start learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and step on the mat for the first time, you realize that’s just the beginning of a life long journey to shape your body and mind with “The Gentle Art”.

Its beauty lies in the way many techniques can interrelate to create a more complete Martial Art.

By request of our members, our UNION TEAM BJJ in Alpharetta is expanding its curriculum to cover all aspects of Submission Grappling, from stand up to ground.

According to Grandmaster Ricardo Murgel, the idea is “to become a REAL Grappling Center focused on REAL Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, REAL No-Gi Submissions Grappling, and REAL Throws & Takedowns”.

The reason for using the word REAL for each discipline is to assure that all students will learn the full range of techniques, from white belt to black belt.

With that in mind, as your Jiu Jitsu progresses under the instruction of Grandmaster Murgel, you will find that you have a more complete game for both Jiu Jitsu competition and real-life self-defense situations.

All classes are taught by Grandmaster Ricardo Murgel himself. His resume, with an 9th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a Black Belt in Judo, world-class Instruction and Coaching on Submissions Grappling and many other contributions to Martial Arts and Law Enforcement, speaks for itself.

Join our team and learn how to defend yourself in extreme close distance combat situations, from stand up to the ground.

Come train at the most complete REAL Grappling Center!

Check our revised schedule and book a visit to see us in action!

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