Alex Kim, 9 years old

Alex Kim - Union Team BJJ (2)

What’s your name? Alex Kim How long have you been studying BJJ? Two years What belt rank are you currently? Gray belt What is your favorite submission? Ezekiel choke and the Paper Cutter Choke What is your favorite part of BJJ? I like to learn self defense and it’s a great contact sport. What do […]

Isha Parihar, 9 yrs old

Isha Parihar - Team Union BJJ (3)

Meet our Young Female Warrior, Isha, age 9. She’s a fierce competitor and all around great energy to have in class. I had the pleasure of interviewing Isha recently to discuss her thoughts about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and life as a young female Jiu Jiteira. What is your name? Isha Parihar How long have […]

Nicolas Crema

Nicolas Crema - Union Team BJJ

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicolas Crema, Union Team Brazil Brown Belt under his father, Professor Alessandro Crema and Professor Gerson Brown in Porto Alegre. Congratulations to Nicolas on his recent promotion to brown belt. Get to know Nicolas below! What’s your name? My name is Nicolas Nascimento Crema. Where are you from? I’m […]

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